New Jerusalem Deliverance Center Remnant Ministries

Church History

With a thought and a prayer in February 1996, the vision of New Jerusalem Deliverance Center Remnant was born in the home of Evangelist Gloria Perkins.  A prophetic word came from the Holy Spirit through Sister Wilhelmina Webb that we needed to have prayer with the remaining elders of New Jerusalem Deliverance Center.  In this meeting were six members, Gloria Perkins, RoseMary Rayson, Wihelmina Webb, Doris Manning, Theresa Joseph and Florence Byers.

We continued in prayer each week asking God for divine direction, until he ordered our footsteps and gave us the guidance to reorganize the ministry.  We had everything that we needed to open the doors of the church, Jesus, the all-knowing Holy Spirit, our Faith and the fivefold ministry among us.  The Holy Spirit led us to appoint Evangelist Gloria Perkins to be the leader of our flock.  With her education of the Word of God and her spiritual background we were on our way to establish New Jerusalem Deliverance Center Remnant.

Realizing God makes no mistakes we drove to Sacramento, CA where we obtained and submitted the necessary legal documents and papers needed to operate a church in the State of California. 
Thus the "Remnant" was born.

Isaiah 11:11 says "Then it will happen on that day that the Lord will again recover the second time with His hand the remnant of His people who will remain"(NASB), we are the restored "Remnant".

In October 2010, God blessed us with our own facility, where we could lift Him up and praise Him for all of the many blessings that He bestowed on us.  The Bible declares without a vision, we perish.  It is our intention and goal to be a beacon of light in the City of Oakland and the State of California so that God blesses us all.