New Jerusalem Deliverance Center Remnant Ministries

Senior Pastor

Pastor Gloria A. Perkins served faithfully in ministry for over 18 years under the leadership of the Late Bishop Emmett Scott at New Jerusalem Deliverance Center in Berkeley California.  During those years, she received her license to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ and was ordained in July 1976.  Gloria received a second ordination for Evangelistic Ministry in October 1981.

Our Leader has always been eager to learn more about the power of God and further her knowledge of the Word of God, so she joined Shiloh Christian Fellowship Church and attended their Bible College.  During this time she received her Associate Degree of Theology in June 1989.  She continued her education and graduated Valedictorian with a Bachelor Of Theology and received her Director of Religious Education Certificate in June 1990.  In 1991, she also received recognition for the Lord's work in Outreach Ministries.  She has over 38 years of continued service to the Lord.

Pastor Perkins opened her home to willing and faithful followers, after meeting together for over a year she was called and appointed to be Sheppard.  This powerful, humble Woman of God accepted the Leadership and Pastoral position and now pastors New Jerusalem Deliverance Center Remnant Ministries in Oakland, California.  Pastor Perkins preaches and teaches the Word of God with power and conviction.  She stands firm on the Vision Statement of New Jerusalem Deliverance Center Remnant Ministries and The Word of God, Proverbs 29:18 says, where there is no vision, the people perish".

She faithfully supports local and district ministries.  Pastor Perkins has expanded her own personal ministry in the position of Financial Secretary for Fresh Anointing Ministries.  Not withstanding her many professional activities, she always has time to minister the Word of God and encourage others on her everyday journey.

In addition to our pastor's many ministerial duties, she was married for thirty-eight years to the late Joseph Perkins Sr. loving mother and grand mother of four children and eight grandchildren.  She has a hug, an unforgettable smile and a positive word for any one who may cross her path.  The love our Sheppard has will penetrate and reach your heart and it's demonstrated through her actions.  Our leader is a Pastor of Service and Charity, a spiritual mother, leader, advisor and friend to many.


      1971 - 1988 served under Bishop E. Scott as an Evangelist.

      1976 Licensed and ordained to preach the Gospel

      1981 Licensed and ordained as an Evangelist

      1989 Associate Degree from Shiloh Bible College

      1990 Graduated Valedictorian with a Bachelor Degree and Teaching Certificate

      1991 Outreach Ministry Certificate