New Jerusalem Deliverance Center Remnant Ministries

Pastor Rayson

Lady Rose Mary Rayson is a humble, patient, loving, caring, compassionate, faithful, committed and dedicated Womam of God, who is anointed to teach the Word of God.  Her explanation and proclaimation of the Word is unique, precise and easy to comprehend.  Lady Rayson was born October 21,1952 in New Iberia, LA.  She is one of ten siblings, four boys and six girls. She arrived in Oakland California on March 28, 1972, and after residing above the previous church, New Jerusalem Deliverance Center approximately four months, heard the Good News of the Gospel and accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior July 1972.  Shortly after, she entered into Holy Matrimony to the Late Charles Rayson for 30 years until he went home to be with the Lord.  As of to-date, She has over 30 plus years of experience serving and assisting the people of God in understanding the mysteries and wisdom in God's Word.  Her love for teaching shows in her lifestyle.  Her gift has made room for her ministry here at New Jerusalem Deliverance Center Remnant and other locations to say the least.  We know her as our walking concordance and Great Teacher of the Word of God.  

Spiritual Advisor/Event Coordinator

Doris Manning has been in ministry for over 40 plus years planning a number of different events as needed for the up-lifting and edification of the body of Christ.  Her expertise and experience in event planning is well-known all over the City and State of California.  In her younger years, she sang with many professional and local groups and soloist.  Her singing voice has touched many, because she is anointed for service. She is a mother and a wife, one daughter and one son.  Her daughter is a well-known musician, Sundra Joyance' Manning.  She also ministered in music at New Jerusalem Deliverance Center after the laying on of hands and a prophetic word from the Lord.